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Tommy is a Netherlands based 3D generalist living in Utrecht. Focused on commercials and high end visuals. He works for many well known studio’s and global brands. He has an great attention for detail and a broad knowledge of the 3D field. From lighting and shading to 3D printing and Virtual reality.

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I work in different industires and hereby have a broad knowledge of different kinds of mediums. Ranging from high end commercial visual effects to Virtual reality asset creation. Or designing 3D objects for 3D printing, these tasks are all part of my knowledge.

Feel free to ask me about anything 3D related.


Over the years, I have worked with many freelancers. Because of this, I am able to create any kind of product your company desires. Ranging from small animation videos to entire video clips bursting with creative input.


I am always trying to think beyond the needs of my clients, to deliver to them what they want and even more. This way I can provide some exciting and refreshing products. I think it is important to understand that I am not making my products for you as a costumer, but for your costumers, to ensure maximum exposure.

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