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Beetle 3D scan

A few WIP renders from a scan i recently did. Pretty happy with how it already looks so that's why i am sharing it here already. Update coming along later on!...

Active ants visual #01

Active Ants Visuals

I made these visuals in commision by StudioJaap, for Active Ants. Active Ants is a packaging solution company and their mascotte is of course an ant. This ant was originally designed by Jaap (founder of Studio Jaap) as a 2D drawing. Jaap asked me to translate this drawing to a 3D version of the ant. As you...

Arkk Raven Mesh S-e15 Digital Twin

Personal project i have been working on. I first made a 3D scan from the Arkk shoe so that i had a exact digital twin. After this i have been playing around with some compositions and lighting to showcase the product.   If you click play on the button over here at the bottom, you are able to view...

Appartment Visualisations

Visualisations made for practice purpose. We were about to move in to this appartement and i had some spare time next to my ongoing projects back then. So i decided to create the appartement in 3D, based on the map provided by the renting company online. I then started decoration the appartement. And to be honest it...