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Divergence meter

Fun little test i did. The hardest part for this small little project was having the different numbers inside the tubes light up randomly. I used max script for this, and after i figured this out, all what was left was just playing around with some tyflow web setups and of course some lighting and shading....

Porsche animation

Personal project, all aspects done by me. Fluid and smoke simulations done in Phoenix FD, car animation and scene assembly done in 3Ds Max. All rendered in Fstorm....

‘Upgrade your home office’ TIME magazine

Little animation i did for Sjoerd van Leeuwen. Sjoerd asked me to bring his illustration which he made for TIME magazine to life. So i immediately had a couple of ideas which i tried out and this is the result we got.   Pretty happy with how it turned out, especially because this normally isn't the kind of work...


Tele 2 “Dit wil ik weken”

Commercial i worked on together with the awesome guys from Tag Collective.   I was responsible for a lot of these assets which are floating around in this big "bubble", and also did some lighting on a couple of shots. Client: Tele2 Agency: Indie Amsterdam CG Artists: Dimitar Kralev, Auke de Vries, Tommy Jansen Head of CG: William Torres ...

Yeti innovation

  Full CG commercial for Yeti which i worked on.   I was responsible for the photogrammetry of the Panga bag, the cloth animation for the chair and bunch of other stuff. I worked on this together with the following amazing team: Creative Director: Chapman Bullock CG Lead: Lars Snelders CG Generalist: Me: Tommy Jansen Sounddeisgn: Zelig sound YETI: Creative...