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Yeti Gobox

The all-new gobox collection

Yeti Gobox commercial.



I’ve been working on this for about a month together with the awesome Chapman Bullock from Proper TV and the amazing freelance CG artist Lars Snelders.

I helped with the texturing and shading of some of these assets + i did setup some tyflow simulations for the fishes and some seaweed. And i did setup a first layout and first lighting setup for the underwater scene, which then later on got picked up by Lars. And i also 3D scanned some of the items which go into the Gobox. Overall had a lot of fun to be part of this project.

Lars Snelders definitely deserves most credits for this amazing project. He was responsible for all the other simulations/ animations, lighting and shading. Definitely check out his work: Flars


The project also got featured on Where they interviewed Chapman about the project. He told them the following:




“Since YETI is ‘Built for the Wild’, we pulled the environment inspiration from out West. As we travel through New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, we also show a change in the seasons, capturing the product’s true versatility.

“Building out transitions from location to location and also from season to season was tricky — without hard cuts, you’re simultaneously changing skies, terrains, and even a sense of temperature without the eye noticing. We played around with a bunch of different edits early on to figure out the best way to keep viewers present in the action.

“Water in an animated spot like this is always a technical challenge. I find it extremely difficult to get fluid simulations to look really good, especially when you are going from this harsh desert landscape to a cool underwater scene. Our CG lead Lars is the best at these setups and nailed it.

“Sound Design is always one of the most subjective parts of a production. I brought Zelig on during the animatic phase so they had time to get the right composition, and they nailed an original track we all loved. I’m a huge fan of Zelig and I was stoked to have them involved.”

Check out the full interview over here at: